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Our Capabilities and Solutions

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Seeking to deliver multi-partner complex ‘technology rich’ programs and projects in providing services to the oil and gas industries in Kuwait, our strategic understanding and modeling capabilities to advise companies to make large investment decisions in the Petroleum sector.
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Information Technology

Managing large scale IT projects requires a unique blend of expertise in strategic planning, process development and leadership along with in-depth technical knowledge. We at NAVITUS provide you with highest standers of professional service available in the information technology industry. We optimize IT operations through technology development, data management, and simulation, integration and analysis tools– all leading to significant operational and financial performance gains.


Successful projects, programs and systems depend on focused, effective and efficient logistics planning and execution throughout life stages of those programs. For every stage of a program, NAVITUS provides knowledgeable logistics management and functional expertise to plan and implement the actions necessary to achieve operational system success.

Special Operation Technology

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We are an organization with lots of energy in a promising market and we want to help in providing the best in health and safety to our nation.
We are in continuous search for best business partners to accomplish this mission with us. We provide quality Medical Supplies, best in class medical equipments, durable goods / equipments, quick deliveries and exceptional customer service.

Special Food/Nutrition

Developing nutrition visions into reality. We partner with food and nutrition businesses to help ensure brand health, mitigate nutrition risks, meet regulatory requirements, engage customers and connect with stakeholders. We provide tailored nutrition solutions that meet your businesses commercial needs.


Our procurement division offers the finest supplies, unequivocally satisfying governmental and private sector needs. Our products range from the simplest items in our targeted industries to the complex and serious hardware and software. Navitus procurement division is well ready to serves our clients. We specialize in ordnance, electronic equipment, electronic devices, optics, sensors, communication devices, ...