About Us

Headquartered in The State of Kuwait, NAVITUS is a dominant member of one of Kuwait’s elite groups of companies. NAVITUS possess a broad experience within all sectors of Kuwait’s government contracting; including capture management, bidding strategies, negotiation and contract execution. We also acquire an expert awareness in legal and compliance requirements for conducting business efficiently and effectively. In addition, a knowledge regarding in-depth and intimate analysis of the Kuwaiti markets including market intelligence and penetration strategies. The NAVITUS team consists of multi-lingual and multi-cultured backgrounds, which has created a powerful and prestigious reputation in the region. Furthermore, we hold corporate experience across government and commercial clients both local and international business expertise. Likewise a strong corporate authority with defined ethical business practices and procedures. NAVITUS has proven performance in supply-chain management, logistics and turnkey project solutions.

About our Name

The word Navitus signifies energy and zeal in Latin and relates to the word ‘nauta’ meaning the mariner or sailor. As keen sailors, the Navitus team selected the name to symbolize the passion by which we navigate in the region to pursue success.

why us

NAVITUS exploits developed technology that leap ahead of the competitors with vision and strategy. We seek out technologies that can contribute to building a true national system that addresses all the challenges of our clients. It begins by establishing criteria for selecting the most vital technological partners and cultivates the partnership. We draw on the resources, capabilities and past performances of our partners to offer a solid collection of skills and strategies that will raise our competitiveness and enable us to develop new business opportunities in various industries. We leverage our international knowledge to partner with global organizations on a multitude of activities in the Middle East. We have the resources, reputation and knowledge to deliver aggressive strategic proposals that will generate measurable and sustainable results, increase your bottom line and add tremendous value to our partners and clients.

Management Message

Once you employ NAVITUS, you become a member of our expanding family. Therefore, you become apart of a group of diligent individuals, who strive to become one of the most prominent organizations in the region. While the process of achieving long-term goals may be filled with difficulties for any organization, finding solutions to these problems is our main forte. By customizing our solutions, minimizing costs through the utilization of favorable industrial methods, acknowledging savings and maintaining a close partnership with our clients, we are able to provide them with the finest technology solutions in the region.


We are committed to positioning our
partners at the forefront of the industry